The Story Behind Pesho Professional

The Story Behind Pesho Professional

Growing up in the mountains of Kurdistan, an area known for its medicinal herbs,

Peshang Ibrahim became inspired. At a very young age, Peshang loved nature’s beautiful scents. 

At that moment, it all became very clear to him.  He knew he wanted to make people look better. 

At the age of fifteen, he got the opportunity to work at a local barbershop.  During his time working in the barbershop, he learned the ins and outs of the business.  He also mastered the techniques of a traditional barbershop; from trimming the perfect beard to threading, a common form of depilation. Most importantly, he learned how to listen to the needs of his customers. 

The dream started to get its form in The Netherlands

Due to the circumstances in his hometown, Peshang migrated to the Netherlands at the age of 16.  The transition was not an easy one.  He had to start all over again. He started to work in a hair salon as a hairdresser.  A few years later, Peshang decided to go on his own and started his own salon.  That is where Peshang hair was born.  People knew where to find the Rotterdam hair stylist with Kurdish Roots.

An own product line

In 2014 Peshang decided to take the next step in creating his own product line. He wanted hair care products which were different. He wanted products suitable for all hair types.

This was the beginning of Pesho Professional, a sophisticated hair care line designed by

a highly experienced professional hairdresser, with a lot of passion for his profession.

A beautiful series of products which are produced by a mix of carefully selected manufacturers, each strong in a specific sector.

Pesho Professional line are free from harmful chemicals such as parabens and phosphates, Pesho Professional uses beautiful, natural ingredients, such as Argan Oil, used for centuries by women in Kurdistan and throughout the Middle East. These products are exactly what Peshang wanted from the beginning: they let your natural beauty shine through!

At the moment, the following products are available:

Pesho Professional Daily Shampoo

Pesho Professional Daily Conditioner

Pesho Professional Purifying Shampoo

Pesho Professional Kera Shine – Brazilian Keratine

Pesho Professional Argan oil

Pesho Professional Hair pomade

Pesho Professional Beach & Volume Hair


Give your hair this little extra and you will see:

You are different with pesho! 

peshang ibrahim